Corona Imperatore Coffee Beans 1KG

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Corona Imperatore Coffee Beans is a prestigious coffee with special aromas and defined acidity. Once you taste Corona Imperatore you can savor the aromas and flavors in each sip.

AROMA - 100% | BODY - 80%
ACIDITY - 40% | CREMA - 90%

Net Weight: 1 Kg


Corona Imperatore Coffee Beans are the best arabica coffee beans you can buy online!

Corona Imperatore Coffee Beans - This inherited Venetian tradition blend is composed of 100% single origin Arabica coffee beans. Each cultivar is roasted separately and “cold-blended” to maintain the authenticity of the beans. The aromatic and gustatory qualities of our coffee are developed by the high temperatures to which they are subjected during roasting or broiling. Our modern packaging materials are capable of conserving the quality of coffee for a time.