Barista Portable Coffee Roaster

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Barista Portable Coffee Roaster is the best solution for households allowing coffee enthusiasts to experience an unforgettable e roasting experience. It’s easy to roast up to 300g coffee beans within 15s.


  • Capacity: 250-300g coffee beans

Barista Portable Coffee Roaster is a great electric coffee roaster machine for home use!

When using the Barista Portable Coffee Roaster for the first time, follow the product instructions and run for 30 seconds without any beans in the machine. Then press the stop button, then there will be about 3 minutes of automatic cooling. Put 250-300g of coffee beans, connect the power, turn on the machine power switch, select the baking level. After selecting the baking position, press the start/stop button. When you hear 3-4 times a popping sound, press the clock button, the machine enter the automatic baking, When the machine enters in automatic mode, the clock indicator light is on.

There will be 3.5 minutes of cooling time after baking. Cut off the power and finish baking. If the baking amount is relatively small, there is no need to set the baking position. Just press the start/stop button to start and finish the baking. Wait until the machine cooling is completed and then turn off the power. Do not need to press the clock key.

Barista Portable Coffee Roaster Features

  • Material: Stainless Steel and plastic
  • Capacity: 250-300g coffee beans