Barista Knock Tube

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Barista Knock Tube features a secure base plate for stability which prevents sliding, the flared collar allows for any excess coffee splatters to be caught easily. This product has a large capacity for coffee pucks and is ideally suited for cafes.


  • Material: polished Stainless Steel
  • Height: 86cm
  • Diameter: 16cm

Barista Knock Tube is designed and aimed at baristas looking for a high durability knock box.

Barista Knock Tube can be easily separated into three parts for easy and thorough cleaning, and includes a barista cloth that attaches to the either side of the knock bin via carabiner hook.

Barista Knock Tube Features

  • Premium high quality polished Stainless Steel
  • Perfect solution for a busy coffee shop
  • Shock - resistant
  • The slotted bar and the top are easily removed for cleaning, maintenance or replacement
  • Barista knock tube includes a towel that attaches to the side of the knock bin via carabiner hook
  • Height: 86cm
  • Diameter: 16cm

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